“Brave Ruina” (Mogan) by T.Lindinger

By far my HARDEST boulder in Mogan: BRAVE RUINA (8B+/V14) a compression testpiece by Jonas Winter

Brave Ruina, a nice boulder from Jonas Winter, hasn't been on my list at the beginning of the trip, as I thought it would be too hard for the short time we had. But as I did a lot of the climbs I wanted already in the first days, I decided to try it and see if it was a good project for the remaining time. The first session was promising already. The second even more. But the weather forecast said high temps for the last days and we only had two more climbing sessions left. Therefore the pressure got higher. In the end I was lucky and climbed it in the third session. It definitely is part of my TOP 3 from Mogan. Not just because it's the hardest boulder I did there, but also because it's an amazing compression climb that fits my style and was a lot fun trying.