FILM: In The Bubble - Andy Earl's Story

by Nick Brown - UKC 23/Dec/2015

Andy Earl is one of Britain's most accomplished climbers, from hard, dangerous first ascents in Northumberland, to performing at the highest level in World Cup competitions. In 2010, tragedy struck and changed the Earl's lives forever.

This film focusses on Andy's climbing career, detailing some of his extraordinary ascents that have since stood the test of time. On the surface, In The Bubble is a documentary about Andy Earl. A closer look will show you a tragic, but ultimately heartwarming story of an inseparable family that rallied around their partner, son, brother and father.

Early that afternoon Andy rang to tell me he had arrived at Willowburn sport centre in Alnwick, about 45 minutes away from Newcastle. I wished him luck with the setting and he replied ‘I love you too’. I remember his reply surprised me, it didn't make sense. I assumed he was just tired and not really focusing on our conversation.

That afternoon I went to Climb Newcastle. I had to do some work for the wall and wanted to train a little myself. When I looked at my phone I saw I had a missed call from Chris, who  Andy was working with . I assumed he wanted to talk about work so I rang him back. The phone was picked up immediately.

‘Hi Spring, I saw you rang.’

‘Hi Suzan.' John (Andy's dad) replied. 'It’s me’. I wasn’t sure what john was doing with Chris' phone, and was a bit surprised.

Andy isn’t very well’, >

John said.‘They are taking him to the hospital. Chris and I are on our way to the wall to pick you up, we will be there soon’.

Of course you always worry a little when you hear your partner is taken to hospital, but I must admit I did not have that gut feeling something bad had happened to him. I honestly thought he was overworked, but fine. John was waiting for me inside his car. As soon as he saw me he told me what the paramedics had told him.

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