Finally outdoors again

After weeks of COVID-19 restrictions I'm finally outdoors again without any regulations. The first two days I spent in the Frankenjura, where I climbed 'Conor McGregor' and tried a new project. The third day Kochel was calling due to the bad weather, where this crag is the perfect option then. I wanted to try the sit to 'Bokassa's Fridge' but as my right knee hurts, I decided to try something different. I knew that there was a new boulder from Toni Lamprecht. Not knowing about the name and the difficulty I decided to try it though. I figured out the beta and gave it some tries. Later I found out it's called 'Jabo's Roof Intension' and is supposed to be ~ 8A+ / V12 To my surprise I climbed through the crux in the second try, but then messed it up at the last move... ...but see for yourself what happened then! Thanks for watching.

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