“Gran Canaria” MOGAN by Lindinger

Before heading to Mogan / Gran Canaria I knew there was one boulder I didn't want to fly back home without an ascent: Tiny Desplome ( 8B / V13 ) ! The climb didn't disappoint and I was really happy but also surprised to climb it already on day one. To be honest I was lucky with the weather as it was very windy that day. A circumstance that helped me a lot in the warm conditions as that boulder is in the sun almost all day long. It's definitely in my TOP 3 from Mogan if not the BEST. In the next weeks I'll upload the other two TOP 3 boulders, containing 'Aborigen' ( 8A+ / V12 ) and my hardest climb there 'Brave Ruina' ( 8B+ / V14 ).