Jakob Schubert in Magic Wood - flash “The Never Ending Story”

The Borders to Switzerland finally opened so Jakob took the oppurtunity right away to have two great climbing days in Magic Wood.
Boulder Problems: Day 1: 0:00 One summer in paradise 8A+
1:12 New Base Line 8B+
2:22 Voigas 8A flash
2:53 Octopussy 8A flash
3:59 Jack’s broken heart 8A flash Day 2:
5:19 Rythmo 7C+ flash
6:33 Riders on the storm 8A+
7:46 Practice of the wild 8B+
9:15 Neverending Story 8B+ flash
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More about Jakob Schubert https://jakob-schubert.com/
Edit: Bernhard Stern Music by KUT