Katie Lamb Sends “Box Therapy”

Katie Lamb, 25, has skipped the V15 grade and made the fourth ascent of Daniel Woods’s Box Therapy in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. In doing so she’s become the first woman to climb V16.

“The pieces fit together on Box and quickly it was about silencing my doubts and flipping the switch,” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s a headspace fed as much by days outside shooting the shit as by days alone in the mountains. I spent some time in July walking up to this meadow trying to fill my cup, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.”

Lamb, who grew up in the Boston suburbs and has been climbing for most of her life, has previously sent a number of V14s, including classics like New Baseline, The Penrose Step, and Jade. Earlier this year, she made the long-awaited first female ascent of Dave Graham’s Bishop testpiece Spectre, which goes at either V13 or V14+ depending on your size.

Source: Climbing.com