IMPORTANT!! Climbers of the world, we have the opportunity to get back some of the nicest Albarracín climbing sectors like Península, Acantilados, Psicokiller and Mirador for climbing again in a few years time (now closed all year round since 2014 because people did not respected the bird nesting period in the past). It just depend on the climbing comunity visiting Albarracín. We will explain some important information about this: The aim of the restriction in this sectors is to protect the natural bird nesting areas. Before October 2014, the restriction was only for six months a year (from 10th January to 15th August), but sadly some climbers did not respect this period, they went and climb in the protected area during the nesting period. As we all know, wild birds and animals do not feel safe nesting and growing its babys in places where people are present, so they stopped nesting in this area and had to go away looking for quiet places. This fact makes the habitat of this animals smaller, which does not help in the conservation of the species. At this point, the only solution that the government found was, in 2014, to ban totally climbing in this areas untill wildlife settle down again. We have been talking to the government, and, if we all respect the actual restriction, wildlife will recover in a few years and we will be able to climb there again during those six mothns a year when there is not bird nesting. But it is important that we all respect 100% the prohibition in order to keep this areas safe and quiet, so protected birds trust this place again. It is a very good new that we are going to enjoy climbing again in this emblematic sectors that we all love, we just need to commit the cause. Please share, spread and tell your friends.

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