Rocklands 2016

Rocklands lived up to the hype. Too much to say about it here, but this is a little sample of some of the sending, punting, and shenanigans that ensued…
Climbers: Me and Alex McIntyre, also featuring John Wesely, Mattias Braach-Maksvytis, Austin Purdy, Nat Gustafson

Problem list:
Kings of Convenience (8A)
Nalle’s Tiger Claw (8A)
Ron Ron Et Caramel (7C+)
Director’s Cunt (7B)
Flying Guitar Thief (8A+)
Like A Squirrel (7A+)
Tony’s Big Swoop (7C+) Mattias and Johnny
Hole in One (7C+) Mattias and Austin
Silver Bullet (7A)
Black Velvet (8A)
Three Muskateers (7B)
Panama (8A)
Pendragon (8A)
Pull My Finger (6C)
Røyksopp (8A)
Oxytosin (6B)
Shosholoza (8A+)
The Amphitheatre (8A+)
Many other punts, including Leap of Faith, El Corazon, A Tea With Elmarie, and Out of Balance

All music by Ceschi

Thanks to everybody who made this a wonderful trip!

Realized by Jake Croft

Rocklands 2016 from Jake Croft on Vimeo.