That time I tried "Le P’tit Toit"

I'm usually a fairly calm guy, this day was not one of those days. I shall not be trying this again.

That time I tried Le P'tit Toit from Alex Salt on Vimeo.

6 Talks on Vimeo

  1. velimir patrnogic vor 2 Wochen: ...just fucking die xD
  2. josh dawson vor 2 Wochen: ...I have watched this so much it makes me so happy
  3. Dom Bridgwood vor 1 Woche: ...This is comedy gold!
  4. Paddy Walker vor 1 Woche: font video I've seen in years
  5. kevin butters vor 6 Tage: ...Best film
  6. Rebecca Machin vor 2 Tage: ...Best climbing film I've seen for a long time. The scream around 02:42. We've all been there.


And here an interview named "The World's Angriest Boulderer"  by Natalie Berry - UKC

Have you ever found yourself shouting and screaming at a piece of rock? Inventing swear words that you didn't know that you knew? If so, this video will probably make you feel better about failing on your project.

'That time I tried Le P'tit Toit​' has been doing the rounds on the internet for the past few days and despite his newfound fame, Stoke-based Alex Salt found the time to do a mini-interview with us about his Fontainebleau failures (see below)...

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