“The Passion” by T. Lindinger

FREE full bouldering movie from Austria: THE PASSION

This fully free bouldering movie from Austria, called THE PASSION, was published on our Fortyfive Degrees Vimeo channel eight years ago. Unfortunately it got deleted lately as we cancelled our pro membership. But don't worry it will now be available here forever! The second part very soon, too :)

This movie contains bouldering in the Zillertal, Felbertauern and Silvretta and the following boulders:

Pitbull 8A / V11 03:40Spirit 8A+ / V12 04:40 Pressure Drop 8A / V11 05:40 Electra Extension 7C+ / V10 06:40 Bad Chemnist 7C+ / V10 08:00 Unterholz8 8A / V11 09:40 Milewskycrack 7C+ / V10 10:40 Super terra-o-mega project 8A+ / V12 11:50 The Riddler 8A+/B / V12/13 13:20 Clockwork Orange 7C+/8A / V10/11 14:40 Incubator 8B / V13 16:00 Libre soft 7C+ / V10 18:00 Twisted Moonlight 8A / V11 18:50 Defender of Faith 7C+/8A / V10/11 21:30 Zu jung zu sterben 22:30 Pretty Belinda 8A+ / V12 23:40 Zwiederwurzn 8A / V11 25:30

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