by Björn Pohl - UKC 04/Oct/2017
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Gabri Moroni has made the first repeat of Niccolò Ceria's Ziqqurat, ~8C, at Gaby in the Italian Aosta region.

In the middle of September one day I got psyched to check out Niky Ceria's masterpiece Ziqqurat 8c in Gaby.
After day one I got completely hooked and felt the needing of going to try it whenever I had some free time from work. The process on this boulder has been crazy. From not to be able to even do all the moves on day1 to do all the moves and pretty decent links on day2, to actually fall twice at the last move on day 3 and 4.
Then on day 5, alone, I managed to put all my physical and mental energies in one single try. Conditions were not the best but I gave it all and fought like I've done only a few times in my life...
Ziqqurat was done and I am very happy I could do probably my hardest boulder to date right after I turned 30!!

Niky made the first ascent in December 2015.