“Opposing Force” FA by Alex-Megos

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Sorry for cutting the first move of the send. I started climbing too fast. This rather long boulder shares the same start with "Half Life", but finishes in a boulder called "Nightcrawler" (around 8B). With the added moves I thought its around 8B+/C, but hard to give it a boulder grade as it has got more than 20 moves. Thank you for the support Bas & Alise. And thanks for holding the second iPhone :-)

A Mellow Ticino: (2/4)

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Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods rage on some of Bavona's hardest boulder problems.

Climbs include "4-Low" (8C/v15), "Primitivo" (8C/v15), "Roadkill" (8C/v15),
"Off the Wagon Low (8C+/v16), and "Poison the Well" (8C+/v16).
Film and edit by Kevin Takashi Smith

“The Grand Illusion” FA

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Nathaniel Coleman and Drew Ruana battling against one of the best and hardest undone project in the US, the low start to Euro Roof, a V13 in Little Cottonwood Canyon put up by Chris Sharma

"Half Life" by Alex Megos

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Half Life was first climbed by Felix Knaub a while back and it didn't get a repeat for a long time. After getting more into bouldering this spring I could do the second ascent of it a few months ago. Felix proposed 8C back then, and I think the way he climbed it was for sure hard 8C. After finding slightly different beta and by using a kneepad it for sure made it a bit easier. Might still be 8C though. Hard to say, as its a rather long boulder problem with about 25 moves.

A good season (Rocklands 2019)

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Jimmy Webb making his way through some of Rocklands hardest testpieces including 4 8C's and multiple first ascents.

“Defying Gravity” FA by Daniel Woods

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Daniel Woods makes the FA of Defying Gravity at Thunder Ridge, CO. One of CO's finest power blocs.

“Upgrade U” FA by Alex Megos

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Video of the first ascent of the boulder "Upgrade U" in the Frankenjura.
This project was found around 20 years ago and various climbers in the Frankenjura have attempted it.
I got the tip to try this from Mawi and once I found it, it took me around 10 days to do it, including a lot of beta changes up until the last day.
Doing it didn't feel too bad, after a tiny but very significant change in beta.
I still think though that 8C is an appropriate grade for it and I believe its the hardest boulder in the Frankenjura at the moment.
And yes, it is named after the Beyoncé song ;-)

“Traffic” (3rd Ascent)

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With the heat making its way to Colorado, I am very happy to have snagged the 3rd ascent of, Griffin Whiteside's, "Traffic," V15/8C.

“Satan i Helvete” low start FA by Oriane Bertone

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Voici les images d’Oriane Bertone dans Satan I Helvete du bas, à Fontainebleau. Une version qui part plus bas que le bloc ouvert par Dave Graham en 2003, et qu’elle propose à 8C.
Une très belle First Ascent, qui fait d'elle la 4eme grimpeuse du monde à sortir un 8C bloc !
Satan I Helvete by Alban Levier : https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=161...
Satan I Helvete by Charles Albert : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcWz4...

“Kryptos” - second woman to send V15

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For BD Ambassador Kaddi Lehmann, climbing a V15 boulder problem all started with fixing the gears on her old mountain bike. But those accumulated miles she pedaled uphill to Kryptos—an aesthetic limestone seam in the Swiss Jura—pale in comparison to the internal journey she endured to reach the top of that boulder. On that intrepid internal voyage, Lehmann discovered that success didn’t hinge on physical power, but on motivation, belief, and happiness.

This is her story.

Interview by EpicTV