“No kpote only” by Nicolas Pelorson

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Nicolas Pelorson - No kpote only (8C/V15) 3rd ascent.

Nico doing the 3rd ascent of Barefoot Charles's No kpote only, proposing a downgrade from 9A to 8C due to different betas used with climbing shoes.

”Blade Runner” by Daniel Woods

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Daniel Woods battles against Giuliano Cameroni's upper chaos crimp masterpiece, "Blade Runner."
A 7C+/v10 intro directly leads into a savage 3 move 8B/13.
The crux of the 8B/v13 involves taking a miserable left hand 3 finger button grip and doing a near iron cross to a right hand half pad edge.
Connecting this move from the start turned into a mental nightmare. Legend crimp bloc.

“Opposing Force” FA by Alex-Megos

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Sorry for cutting the first move of the send. I started climbing too fast. This rather long boulder shares the same start with "Half Life", but finishes in a boulder called "Nightcrawler" (around 8B). With the added moves I thought its around 8B+/C, but hard to give it a boulder grade as it has got more than 20 moves. Thank you for the support Bas & Alise. And thanks for holding the second iPhone :-)

A Mellow Ticino: (2/4)

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Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods rage on some of Bavona's hardest boulder problems.

Climbs include "4-Low" (8C/v15), "Primitivo" (8C/v15), "Roadkill" (8C/v15),
"Off the Wagon Low (8C+/v16), and "Poison the Well" (8C+/v16).
Film and edit by Kevin Takashi Smith

“The Grand Illusion” FA

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Nathaniel Coleman and Drew Ruana battling against one of the best and hardest undone project in the US, the low start to Euro Roof, a V13 in Little Cottonwood Canyon put up by Chris Sharma

"Half Life" by Alex Megos

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Half Life was first climbed by Felix Knaub a while back and it didn't get a repeat for a long time. After getting more into bouldering this spring I could do the second ascent of it a few months ago. Felix proposed 8C back then, and I think the way he climbed it was for sure hard 8C. After finding slightly different beta and by using a kneepad it for sure made it a bit easier. Might still be 8C though. Hard to say, as its a rather long boulder problem with about 25 moves.

A good season (Rocklands 2019)

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Jimmy Webb making his way through some of Rocklands hardest testpieces including 4 8C's and multiple first ascents.

“Defying Gravity” FA by Daniel Woods

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Daniel Woods makes the FA of Defying Gravity at Thunder Ridge, CO. One of CO's finest power blocs.

“Upgrade U” FA by Alex Megos

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Video of the first ascent of the boulder "Upgrade U" in the Frankenjura.
This project was found around 20 years ago and various climbers in the Frankenjura have attempted it.
I got the tip to try this from Mawi and once I found it, it took me around 10 days to do it, including a lot of beta changes up until the last day.
Doing it didn't feel too bad, after a tiny but very significant change in beta.
I still think though that 8C is an appropriate grade for it and I believe its the hardest boulder in the Frankenjura at the moment.
And yes, it is named after the Beyoncé song ;-)

“Traffic” (3rd Ascent)

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With the heat making its way to Colorado, I am very happy to have snagged the 3rd ascent of, Griffin Whiteside's, "Traffic," V15/8C.