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Great day out in cova de ocell. Most days you come up empty handed so it’s important to enjoy the fleeting moments when things come together. I was able to finish off this beautiful and sustained traverse I’ve been working in the last couple weeks. About 30 moves and if I had to put a grade on it I’d say it’s comparable to a 9a route. I know there is a travers rating system but no idea how it works. Anyone know what this could be? Anyways great to get out in nature and escape the vortex. So important for my sanity to get outside and touch rock!
Thanks for the spot @pol_roca and the footage @giancolafoto

9A in Fontainebleau by Albert

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l'histoire de la deuxième proposition en 9A bloc "No Kpote Only" de la planète à découvrir en exclu.

Dans ce numéro, l’ovni de l’escalade Charles Albert est mis à l’honneur pour sa réussite du deuxième 9A bloc du monde, c’est en tout cas la cotation qu’il propose.

Guiliano Camaroni and Charles Albert (the barefoot climber) in Fontainebleau, France. Giuliano goes on a tear through the forest during a week of excellent conditions.

Charles monkeys around some old and new classics in the forest waiting for a chance on his potential 9a project (min 6:35)

The Night Of - A Supplement to The Lappnor Project

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The first ascent of Burden of Dreams (9A/V17) along with an interview with Nalle Hukkataival conducted a few hours afterwards. For the full 3 1/2 year journey watch The Lappnor Project at thelappnorproject.com

Lappnor project/"Burden of Dreams" 9a

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Lappnor project

Yesterday I had another session on the Lappnor project. The routine that goes into it after all this time isn’t all that exciting; the same warm up, driving an hour on the same road, brushing the all too familiar holds, re-warming up, systematically trying the same sequences in the same order. Some days you feel strong and confident and get totally shut down. Other days you’re not feeling a 100 percent and it could be the best session you’ve had. All logic seems to have gone out the window a long time ago.

Many sessions I wish I could forget. Can’t do a move I’ve done countless of times before. Last highpoint was a year ago. Weeks and months turned into years of uncertainty and self-doubt. Trying to keep that little spark of hope in the back of your mind alive. Walking up to the boulder with all the positivity I can muster, I still can’t ignore what the boulder has become to represent; failure of varying degrees.

Sitting under the boulder I can feel the weight of it. Pulling on always feels like a déjà vu, like the thousands of times before. It always starts the same way and ends the same way. Except this time. This time was different.
Snap to reality, I’m hanging on the lip of the boulder, disoriented, heart racing. Contain the panic. I’m on top of the boulder trying to grasp how I got there. Lots of feelings coinciding; surprise, relief, happiness, confusion. As reality hits that quickly turns into ecstatic happiness with a dash of disbelief.

Waking up today I can’t help but look at the world with different eyes. Having achieved the first ascent of Burden of Dreams marks a new level in my climbing. With a handful of existing 8C+ boulders in the world,

proposing 9A is the logical step.

Huge thanks to my friend Marko Siivinen for showing me the line! What a journey it’s been!
Stay tuned for a film of the whole story with the boulder. It will be something extraordinary!