Summer SENDS

Shawn, Daniel and Giul went on a summer trip though Ceuse and the Swiss Alps.

Flower Power 8A+ First Ascent Sophiesticated 7C+ First Ascent Fuck The System 8C+ First Ascent Dulcifer 8A+ Le Rêve de Faire 8A+ Big Snapper 8B+ First Ascent Hazel Grace 8B+ Stairway to Heaven 8B Child Of Hell 8C First Ascent

The North Face presents: “ALPHANE”

The North Face team returns to Switzerland with the goal to establish cutting edge first ascents. Shawn’s ascent of Alphane is the first proposed 9a in Switzerland and only the fourth worldwide. The film features Matty Hong, Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods, Felipe Carmago, Giuliano Cameroni, and Shawn Raboutou. Film by Ben Neilson. Supported by The North Face.

0:00 Intro
1:23 Alphane V17 (Part 1)
5:24 Trip to the moon V14
11:25 Mystic River V15
14:10 Squalo Bianco V14
17:58 River Arête Project
23:07 Fight Club V14
31:24 Dreamtime V15
35:15 Alphane V17 (Part 2)
45:00 Credits

Hazel Grace (sit) by Cameroni

“Ephyra” by G.Cameroni

Giuliano Cameroni on the 3rd ascent of the beautiful Ephyra, in Chironico, Switzerland, after the FA of Jimmy Webb and 2nd ascent of Niky Ceria

Cresciano “New King Lines”

After the big snowstorm in Bavona the crew moved to Cresciano, trying to climb an infamous project and some of the nicest new lines of the area.

Featuring: Giuliano Cameroni, Daisuke Ichimiya, Clément Lechaptois, Marine Thevenet and Diego Cameroni

A Mellow Bavona

Giuliano Cameroni, Charles Albert and Daisuke Ichimiya discovering new boulders in Val Bavona, Switzerland

A Mellow Switzerland (1/4)

Back in winter Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb, Giuliano Cameroni, Keenan Takahashi and Roman Yalowitz spent the whole season in Ticino, trying to develop Val Bavona; one of the coolest climbing spots worldwide. Kevin Takashi Smith was there capturing the best moments so here we go with part 1/4!
Grandissimo 7C+ FA
No Picnics 7C+ FA
Il Pagliaccio 8A FA
La Peregrina 8A+ (FA by Jonas Winter)
Squalo Bianco 8B+ FA
Space Cadet 8B FA

“Mithril”(sit) FA by Giuliano Cameroni

Giuliano on the FA of Mithril sit, a classic testpiece in Cresciano first climbed as a squat start by Dave Graham

G.and D.Cameroni projects

Giuliano and Diego Cameroni establishing some new boulders in Brione during this past winter season.
List of boulders Slow
Down 8A+/V12 FA
Take it easy 8B/V13 FA
Blinded by the light 8B/V13
Inside Out 8B/V13 FA
Liquid Nails 8B+/V14 FA
Zero Kelvin 8B+/V14 FA
Camera by Kevin Takashi Smith as well

"The Story of 2 Worlds"

“The Story of two Worlds” by Christof Rauch

Source: Thomas Lindinger

Back in 2018 my friend Christof Rauch climbed Dave Graham's classic 'The Story of Two Worlds' ( 8C/V15 ) in Cresciano. He got filmed by Pawel Jelonek. A little bit later he also made a repeat of Dai Koyamada's low start. Both ascents meant a lot to him and in his own words: "A dream became reality! When I climbed "The Dagger" for the first time I don't thought that I could climb this problem ever! But a few weeks ago I found some new microbetas and it felt so much easier. At first I made a teamascent of the normal start together with Pawel. Afterwards I checked out the lower moves with no big expectations. Sometimes it seems like this is the key to success and after a hell of a fight I stood on top of this amazing boulder and nabbed the second ascent. Thanks to the awesome crew!"

“The Story of two Worlds” by Sebastian Cotting

Dai Koyamada "The Story of Two Worlds" low start V16

Samuel Ometz "The Story of 2 Worlds"

Giuliano Cameroni - The Story of 2 Worlds 8c

Giuliano Cameroni - The Story of 2 Worlds 8c from Giuliano Cameroni on Vimeo.