Soudain Seul (8C+/9A) 2nd ascent

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Nico Pelorson - Soudain Seul (8C+/9A) 2nd ascent - Full story

2nd ascent of Soudain Seul (aka Big Island assis) by Nico Pelorson, first climbed by Simon Lorenzi a few months ago. Simon proposed 9A, and Nico suggested a downgrade to 8C+. Before their ascents, the boulder had been tried by a lot of strong climbers, including Jimmy Webb and Jan Hojer. Either 8C+ or 9A, this is for sure one of the hardest boulders in the world.

“Soudain Seul” (Big Island sit) by Nico Pelorson

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I made the 2nd ascent of "soudain seul" (Big Island sit) yesteday, after the king @simonlorenzi????
Now, time to rest before new projects like "Total Éclipse" or "gourmandise".
More infos very soon and video soon !

The Big Island assis by Simon Lorenzi

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I started to think about this boulder right after my quick send of "big island". Two months later i was back in Font for two week. Despite of the bad weather i spent as more time as possible in the boulder trying to figure out the moves and link sections. It took me 6 sessions to succeed the first part. It's tricky and i was not use to kneebar so it was the most complicated part for me.
At the end of the trip i was ready to put some real attempts. The very last day i fell twice to go to the crimp at the end and i thougt "I'm so close in only 8 days. It's hard but no harder than 8c+".

The following evenements showed that i wasn't that close. One week later i was back for two days and i was really confident. But there was always a problem and every solution that i found added a new problem to solve. It took me 15 session more of solving problems and find as much details as possible to reduce my energy depense in the first part. Even the day of the sent i found helpfull new small tricks for my beta. Finally it took me around 25 sessions wich is way more than i expected.

I enjoyed all the processus and the battle for the FA with @camille_coudert_ and @nico_pelorson was really cool. We've spent lot of memorable day at the boulder laughing and pushing ourselves to try hard.

About the grade i feel that is something between a hard 8c+ and 9a. I don't know if it's 9a/ V17 because i don't have enough experience to say and there is no other 9a in the style to compare. It seems that the others guys who tried it think more for the 9a/V17 grade but nobody really knows. After all the reflexions 9a/V17 looks to be the appropriate grade regarding where is our sport now. Have new kind of reference in a level is something important in climbing. That push the sport further and it's also add a new point of comparaison in this grade. As always the time and the repetitions will tell us!


Simon Lorenzi reports on Insta that he has made the sit start of The Big Island. It has been aproject for many years and James Webb has said that just the sit into the stand start is at least 8B+. ” The sit start is an incredible project. For me personally the bottom is at least 8B+ and maybe even harder than The Big Island itself. The intro (10 moves for my method) is very powerful, yet technical with a tricky kneebar that links you through to the stand. Once you’re there you just have to take a deep breath and with absolutely no rest climb the Big Island.”

Lorenzi has not yet suggested a grade, but adding an 8B+ into an 8C (B+) means that it could possibly be the second 9A in the world or a very hard 8C+. The picture by Oriane Tollebeek is from last October when Lorenzi did the Big Island after just two sessions, saying it is possibly 8B+. This 168 cm tall guy has previously done three 8C's, but as they did go down in just one or two sessions, he thought they all just might be 8B+. In 2017, he did his first 9a, ActionDirecte, after eleven days of projecting.

“Atomic Playboy” by M.Bertone

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Une demi session pour le raccourci (7C+) et le rallongé (8A+).
Ca fait partie de ces blocs où Max se met en mode "rando"...

“No kpote only” by Nicolas Pelorson

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Nicolas Pelorson - No kpote only (8C/V15) 3rd ascent.

Nico doing the 3rd ascent of Barefoot Charles's No kpote only, proposing a downgrade from 9A to 8C due to different betas used with climbing shoes.

“Quoi de neuf” by Simon Lorenzi

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“La Revolutionnaire” by Kameyama

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Ryohei on the 2nd ascent of Charles Albert's roof "La révolutionnaire" 8C+ in Fontainebleau, France

“Satan i Helvete” low start FA by Oriane Bertone

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Soutenez la chaîne en visitant le shop d'EpicTV :
Voici les images d’Oriane Bertone dans Satan I Helvete du bas, à Fontainebleau. Une version qui part plus bas que le bloc ouvert par Dave Graham en 2003, et qu’elle propose à 8C.
Une très belle First Ascent, qui fait d'elle la 4eme grimpeuse du monde à sortir un 8C bloc !
Satan I Helvete by Alban Levier :
Satan I Helvete by Charles Albert :

Oribleau Episode#3

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"A Lay's Blaise" (8A+); "Kaïken" (8A+); "Les Ombres d'Opaline" (8A+) et "Fata I Helvete" (8B). Le bonheur de grimper à Bleau avec les conditions optimales...

“No kpote only” by Charles Albert

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In January 2019, Charles Albert barefoot climbed his longstanding project, proposing the mythical 9A/V17 grade. A year later, Ryohei Kameyama repeated the line and suggested 8C+/9A. Time will tell how hard this boulder actually is, but for now it stays as one of the hardest ascents ever, and barefoot...