Karoshi-first ascent

Back in early 2018, my friend Keith Allen Peters and I headed over to the New Map of Hell boulder. We both quickly noticed that there was a line of holds that went directly out the steep overhang. We chalked them up and I quickly became obsessed with the line. Day after day, this was all I could think about!

Temperatures started to warm up and I knew I was going to have to wait until the next season to get on this project again.

Fast forward to December 2018... Katerina and I were on a plane from Denver to El Paso. I had one goal in my mind, climb the New Map project!

I spent a total of two weeks trying this thing more or less day on followed by a day off because of how sharp the boulder problem is. Thankfully by the end of the trip, I had the boulder problem pretty dialed in. It was just going to take that lucky try to get it done!

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Jan Hojer "The Other Side" 2

Three Peak Films
Time-lapse: Derrick Lytle
Music (find it on The Music Bed: "Out of Orbit" by Super Duper

Tequila Sunrise

Alex Puccio, one of America's strongest female climbers ticks off a classic hard line in Hueco.

23rd Hueco Rock Rodeo - 2016

23rd HRR results:

Women's Open
1) Alex Puccio - 6510 pts.
2) Jule Wurm - 5005 pts.
3) Akiyo Noguchi - 3160 pts.
Men's Open
1) Jakob Schubert - 7710 pts.
2) Jan Hojer - 7290 pts
3) Sam Davis - 6960 pts.

Alex Puccio in Hueco Tanks

A few climbs in Hueco Tanks.

"Hueco Rock Rodeo" 2014

Hueco Rock Rodeo 2014 - Event Video! from Bearcam Media on Vimeo.

Hueco - "76 V-Points"

At the 2012 Hueco Rock Rodeo Daniel Woods had the best day of bouldering in his life.
He was able to climb 76 v-points in 6 boulders.

Nagual (v13)
The Machinist (v14)
Crook by the Book (V14)
Phantom Limb V12)
Full Monty (V12)
Two Days With Gene (V11)


Jorg Verhoeven doing some classic problems in Hueco Tanks TX Amongst them
"Slashface" V13 and "Alma Blanca" V13 more to come...


Fred Nicole holte sich 2001 die Erstbegehung von "ESPERANZA" V14, eine der steilsten und schwersten
Linien in Hueco Tanks.

Daniel Woods versuchte sich am Sitzstart, der logischen Verlängerung zu "ESPERANZA".
Heraus kam die beeindruckende Linie "DESPERANZA" V15.
Bei der Bewertung war man sich allerdings nicht einig, diese wurde heiß diskutiert.

Daniel meinte, dass ihm "DESPERANZA" schwerer fiel als "TERREMER" V15
(Erstbegehung,Fred Nicole), im gleichen Schwierigkeitsgrad im gleichen Gebiet.
Andere wiederum sind der Auffassung, dass man diese 2 Boulderprobleme nicht vergleichen könnte, da sie
unterschiedliche Anforderungen haben und alleine die Tatsache, dass der Sitzstartboulder
sechs Züge im Grad V7 beinhaltet, reiche nicht aus, um diese Bewertung abzugeben.

Letztendlich werden wie immer die Wiederholer den Grad bestätigen oder korrigieren.

Video Link: Deadpoint Magazine