Flying Potato

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This boulder should be one of the most unique spots you've seen for climbing. It's in the Frankenjura and there's only this one line to climb up the bloc. It's called 'Flying Potato' [fb 8A+] and was established by Andre Behr.

When you know other boulders that are as unique as this one, then write a comment down below. I'm pretty psyched to see what the world has to offer in this context!

"Pushed Aside" by T. Lindinger

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Pushed Aside, opened by Bernhard Schwaiger in 2005, deserves a recommendation. It's a nice line with pure and powerfull moves. There's nothing to complain about. Therefore everyone who's able to climb that hard should give it a try. Originally it was graded 8B/+. In my opinion it's rather 8A+/B.

"Spannungsprüfer Variation"

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A few weeks ago I climbed the straight line through the roof called 'Spannungsprüfer' which was established by Markus Bock already in 1999. A friend then told me that there's another nice boulder that climbes from the left into Spannungsprüfer and is ~ fb 8B. He didn't know it's name and I couldn't find it out until today, but it's a nice climb and it doesn't matter how it's called in the end. Last sunday I went there to try it. First it felt impossible but I could find a nice beta which made it doable. On that day I was to tired from checking the moves, but yesterday I could execute it luckily, although the conditions where less than perfect.

"Lucifer" by Thomas Lindinger

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With 'Lucifer' Markus Bock opened just another testpiece in the Frankenjura. Although it's extreme low to the ground it's fun and with a thin pad dabbing isn't a problem any more.

Magic Wood 1.0 | Switzerland

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During our four day trip to Magic Wood we were able to climb Wovenhand [fb 8B] and Gulliver Kante [fb 7A+] among others. Both boulders are included in this video and shall get you syked for outdoor bouldering or whatever.
First problem is the stand start to Ill Trill, the iconic 8B+/C boulder from Paul Robinson. Wovenhand was established by Bernd Zangerl who also found this wonderfull line in earlier times.
The second one is one of the most classic edges in Magic Wood. If you like straight boulders with small holds it's defenitely worth a try.

The gear I use:


Thanks for watching. Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to my channel :)

For more information about Magic Wood check out:

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Neue Bilder aus "Västervik"

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V2 8A+ | Frankenjura | Germany from 45degrees on Vimeo.

"The Power of Love"

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Despite world class route climbing the Frankenjura offers a lot of good bouldering as well. If you press play, you will watch Thomas Lindinger and Liesa Hergeth climb their projects (Riot Act 8B+/V14,Tretboot 7B/V7) and some other recommended problems like World coming down 8A/V11, Trickkiste 8A/V11, Flubber 8A/V11 and Initiator 7A/V5.

The Power of Love from 45degrees on Vimeo.

Wiederholung "Riot Act"

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Text: Thomas Lindinger

viele tage ohne erfolg sind dieses jahr ins land gezogen und ich musste oft ohne erfolg wieder heimfahrn - nicht so gestern. endlich war ich abgebrüht genug um 'Riot Act', ein testpeace von markus bock zu meiner ticklist hinzuzufügen!!
zu verdanken hab ich den erfolg vorallem meiner freundin die mich das ganze jahr über begleitet und gepushed hat

auch ein dankeschön an @scarpa_de @prana und beal für den support.


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