Finally outdoors again

After weeks of COVID-19 restrictions I'm finally outdoors again without any regulations. The first two days I spent in the Frankenjura, where I climbed 'Conor McGregor' and tried a new project. The third day Kochel was calling due to the bad weather, where this crag is the perfect option then. I wanted to try the sit to 'Bokassa's Fridge' but as my right knee hurts, I decided to try something different. I knew that there was a new boulder from Toni Lamprecht. Not knowing about the name and the difficulty I decided to try it though. I figured out the beta and gave it some tries. Later I found out it's called 'Jabo's Roof Intension' and is supposed to be ~ 8A+ / V12 To my surprise I climbed through the crux in the second try, but then messed it up at the last move... ...but see for yourself what happened then! Thanks for watching.

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Why it's important to keep rocks clean from chalk!

For me it's a very important topic to keep the rocks clean from chalk! Using a climbing brush when you have finished isn't hard at all. It should be as self evident as it's using a climbing chalk bag. But it doesn't seem to be that self evident to others as it is to me. Therefore I want to spread my thoughts among the climbing community and hopefully everyone will brush the boulders and routes at least when he or she finished the session.

“Mogan” boulder for beginners

This video contains the top three boulder for beginners between 6A/V3 and 6B/V4 that my girlfriend Liesa climbed in Mogan and a 6C/V5 called 'Sikati' that she could flash. All of them are high quality rock and climb nicely. Therefore recommendations for you, if you plan to travel there. Let me know if you enjoyed it!

Boulders in the video:

Crack in time 00:30
Cangrejillo 01:10
Ende Onde 02:00
Sikati 02:40

“The Passion” by T. Lindinger

FREE full bouldering movie from Austria: THE PASSION

This fully free bouldering movie from Austria, called THE PASSION, was published on our Fortyfive Degrees Vimeo channel eight years ago. Unfortunately it got deleted lately as we cancelled our pro membership. But don't worry it will now be available here forever! The second part very soon, too :)

This movie contains bouldering in the Zillertal, Felbertauern and Silvretta and the following boulders:

Pitbull 8A / V11 03:40Spirit 8A+ / V12 04:40 Pressure Drop 8A / V11 05:40 Electra Extension 7C+ / V10 06:40 Bad Chemnist 7C+ / V10 08:00 Unterholz8 8A / V11 09:40 Milewskycrack 7C+ / V10 10:40 Super terra-o-mega project 8A+ / V12 11:50 The Riddler 8A+/B / V12/13 13:20 Clockwork Orange 7C+/8A / V10/11 14:40 Incubator 8B / V13 16:00 Libre soft 7C+ / V10 18:00 Twisted Moonlight 8A / V11 18:50 Defender of Faith 7C+/8A / V10/11 21:30 Zu jung zu sterben 22:30 Pretty Belinda 8A+ / V12 23:40 Zwiederwurzn 8A / V11 25:30

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“Brave Ruina” (Mogan) by T.Lindinger

By far my HARDEST boulder in Mogan: BRAVE RUINA (8B+/V14) a compression testpiece by Jonas Winter

Brave Ruina, a nice boulder from Jonas Winter, hasn't been on my list at the beginning of the trip, as I thought it would be too hard for the short time we had. But as I did a lot of the climbs I wanted already in the first days, I decided to try it and see if it was a good project for the remaining time. The first session was promising already. The second even more. But the weather forecast said high temps for the last days and we only had two more climbing sessions left. Therefore the pressure got higher. In the end I was lucky and climbed it in the third session. It definitely is part of my TOP 3 from Mogan. Not just because it's the hardest boulder I did there, but also because it's an amazing compression climb that fits my style and was a lot fun trying.

“Aborigen” (Mogan) by T.Lindinger

A gem called ABORIGEN (8A+/V12) which climbs as perfect as it looks!

Aborigen is climbing wise one of the best boulders I did in Mogan. To call it a gem therefore isn't exaggerated. The footholds are a little bit glassy but that doesn't worsen the perfect movements. You just have to climb a little bit more precise due to that. Overall an amazing rock climb and therefore part of my TOP 3 boulders from Gran Canaria.

“Gran Canaria” MOGAN by Lindinger

Before heading to Mogan / Gran Canaria I knew there was one boulder I didn't want to fly back home without an ascent: Tiny Desplome ( 8B / V13 ) ! The climb didn't disappoint and I was really happy but also surprised to climb it already on day one. To be honest I was lucky with the weather as it was very windy that day. A circumstance that helped me a lot in the warm conditions as that boulder is in the sun almost all day long. It's definitely in my TOP 3 from Mogan if not the BEST. In the next weeks I'll upload the other two TOP 3 boulders, containing 'Aborigen' ( 8A+ / V12 ) and my hardest climb there 'Brave Ruina' ( 8B+ / V14 ).

'Neverending Story'

The Neverending Story fb 8B+ / V14 in Magic Wood is my hardest boulder so far this year and even one of my hardest ever. It took me around ten sessions to complete this kingline and felt amazing to link all the moves together. I really enjoyed the process of projecting as the moves and the rock features are just amazing. Therefore I'm happy to add this Chris Sharma classic to my ticklist!!


Bahratal from 5C to 8A+/B

We've been outdoor bouldering in the Bahratal around easter 2019 for the first time. We went there due to an article in the Klettern magazine that we've read a few month earlier. The area isn't the bigges but it offers some really good sandstone problems, why we can recommend it to everyone who thinks about going there. There are also a lot of sights to visit.

This video includes the following boulders:

Fake News fb 8A/+ 0:20
Wild East fb 7A+ 1:40
Diamant fb 8A+/B 3:25
Käsekuchen fb 5C 4:35

'Marylin Monroe-Pause C.

Brione offers so much potential for worldclass bouldering that it's even worth driving there if the temperatures are supposed to be warm, as it was this weekend. My plan was to climb 'Pause Cervelas' and the ultra classic 'Marylin Monroe' [both fb 8A/V11]. The first one went down with the quick after a really good flash try. A crucial beta change and I did it. Marylin wasn't that easy. I've tried it already in the past and it never felt possible. This time I figured out a better beta but after a few fails it seemed that I've been to tired already. But it got colder and the little bit of more friction made it possible.