‘From Darkness To Sunshine’

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My girlfriend Liesa climbed her first fb7C/V9 boulder outdoors in Magic Wood last week. It's called 'From Darkness To Sunshine' in the darkness cave and climbs along perfect crimps. She tried it for three seasons and is now looking for new challenges.

"Practice Of The Wild 8C" by Will Bosi

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Awesome work by young @adidasterrex, @fiveten_official star @will_bosi. With his quick send of the legendary @chris_sharma problem Practice Of The Wild 8C Will becomes the second Scot to climb at this level. Not bad for a 19 year old!

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Story - "Practice of the Wild" 8c

"Als ich damals mit Freunden im Averstal war, trafen wir dort Chris Sharma,der auch im Edelweiß-Matratzenlager schlief. Es war der Tag, nachdem er nach kurzem Auschecken am Vorabend, dass Langzeitprojekt "Neverending Story" erstbegehen konnte.

Im Juni 2003 gelang Chris Sharma die Erstbegehung eines damals heiß umworbenen Boulderproblems. Er konnte die "Unendliche Geschichte 1" (8b trav) mit der "Unendliche Geschichte 2"(8a bloc) verbinden. Heraus kam "Neverending Story 3" (8b+)"  


Video - Will Bosi in "Practice Of The Wild"
Video - Will Bosi in "Practice Of The Wild"

Magic Wood 1.0 | Switzerland

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During our four day trip to Magic Wood we were able to climb Wovenhand [fb 8B] and Gulliver Kante [fb 7A+] among others. Both boulders are included in this video and shall get you syked for outdoor bouldering or whatever.
First problem is the stand start to Ill Trill, the iconic 8B+/C boulder from Paul Robinson. Wovenhand was established by Bernd Zangerl who also found this wonderfull line in earlier times.
The second one is one of the most classic edges in Magic Wood. If you like straight boulders with small holds it's defenitely worth a try.

The gear I use:

Clothing https://www.prana.com/
Shoes http://www.scarpa-schuhe.de/
Equipment https://www.petzl.com/

Thanks for watching. Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to my channel :)

For more information about Magic Wood check out:

1. Gashaus Edelweiß http://www.valferrera.com/
2. Bodhi Climbing https://www.bodhi.ch/
3. Bouldertopo https://www.gebro-verlag.de/gebro/MWbloc.htm

Alex Puccio in Magic Wood

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Alex Puccio in Magic Wood (Averstal)

Neverending Story

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Kim Marschner climbing 'The Never Ending Story' 8B+ in Magic Wood

Max Räuber in "'The Never Ending Story" 8B+ in Magic Wood

Thanks to my Sponsors: Scarpa, WATAAAH and ClimbSkin

Kamera: Tom Thudium

Short clip from Neverending Story in Magic Wood
No music no landscape just some simple cuts and some sick moves

Neverending Story - Magic Wood from Max Räuber on Vimeo.

Magic Wood 2017

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magic time in Magic Wood 2017

Karina Mirosław & Konrad Janek
Magic Wood 2017

Spis baldów:
00:22 - Hip Hop 7A
00:38 - Marichuana Corner 7A+
01:04 - King Kong 7A+
01:21 - Red Roses 7A+
01:31 - Morgenlatte 7B
02:24 - Man of the Cow 7C
02:41 - Minisex 7C
03:03 - Jack the Chipper 7C
04:04 - Right Hand of Darkness 8A
05:20 - Left Hand of Darkness 8A+
06:22 - Sofasurfer 8A/A+
07:08 - Jacks Broken Heart 8A+

La Force Tranquille

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Daniel Woods on the First Ascent of La Force Tranquille V15

La Force Tranquille V15 - Nalle Hukkataival

Ryuichi Murai - Magic Wood

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Ryuichi Murai Destroys Magic Wood's Hardest Boulders

When Ryuichi Murai headed to Magic Wood he was clearly on a mission. Despite the rain, he had an incredible trip, with a tick list comprising of some of the hardest boulders in the forest. As well as climbing hard, he also climbed quickly, sending most of the 8b problems after only a couple of tries. Filmmaker Mikkel Lima was there to capture all of the action alongside videographer and drone pilot Camilla Hylleberg.

Ryuichi's Tick list:

In search of time lost 8C/V15
Practice of the wild 8C/V15
Remembrance of things past 8B+/V14
Never ending story 8B+/V14
Ill Thrill 8B+/V14
Riverbed 8B/V13
One summer in paradise 8B/V13
Steppenwolf 8B/V13
High Spirit 8A+/B
The bizarre ride 8A+
Massive Attack 8A+
Sofasurfer 8A/A+
Nothing Changes 8A
Voigas 8A
Muttertag 8A
Foxy Dyno 8A
Piranha 7C+
Hohenzone 7C

Anna Stöhr - 8b+ und 8b am gleichen Tag

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Stoehr bouldert im Averstal 8b+ und 8b an einem Tag.


Auf dem Instagram-Account von Alex Puccio konnte man heute folgende Nachricht lesen.

My good friend @anna_stoehr  just had an inspirational and AMAZING day bouldering!

She send "NEW BASE LINE 8b+/V14 and "STEPPENWOLF" 8b/V13 in Magic Wood on the same day!!!

Psyched for you!!!


Nachtrag: und hier die Info von Anna auf ihrem Instagram-Account.

...sometimes you can surprise yourself.... today i climbed 'steppenwolf' 8b and 'new base line' 8b+... after checking out the moves for the first time on saturday i did both problems today.

Huge thank you @alfons_dornauer  for the psyche and the pic!!
Video of my send of nbl coming soon.

Squire VS Switzerland | Part 2

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One year later I decided to make the return trip to Magic Wood. Another amazing trip with some unfinished business. There will be a part 3...

Squire VS Switzerland | Part 2 from Beastly Squirrel on Vimeo.