FA of "Louis Cut" 8B+

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Just another day at the office for Alex Megos at Parisella's Cave. The young powerhouse finished his brief visit in North Wales repeating La Derniere Atrocite 8b and making the FA of Louis Cut 8b+, linking Louis Armstrong 8b into Trigger Cut 8a.

The overall count sums up to five 8b's and one 8b+ in less than two days.

Source: UKB

Västervik Bouldering

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Short film about bouldering in Västervik, an area about 3 hours south of Stockholm, Sweden.

Västervik Bouldering Alexander Megos from Powerhouse on Vimeo.

"Shouldery classics"

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Shouldery classics in the Grampians

Dead can’t dance, V11
Cave Club, V10
Krusty, V9

Alexander Megos "Ticino 2014"

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"Montecore" mit Alex Megos

Fabian Christof in "Montecore"

Montecore fb8c, Boulder, Fabian Christof from Juergen Claus on Vimeo.

"Montecore" und "Riot Act"

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Info: Alex Megos (Facebook)

What a GREAT first day in the Frankenjura after coming back from the US the day before! The BBP (Bishop Bouldering Power) allowed me to climb "Montecore" 8C (8B+) and "Riot Act" 8b+ (8B/+) within a few hours yesterday! Now psyched for the LaSpo Legends Only Competition in Stockholm this weekend!

Here a little video of Montecore...

Montecore 8B+ from Powerhouse on Vimeo.