“Royal Flush”

Uncut footage of "Royal Flush", a rather long boulder in the Frankenjura.
Came really close to sending on day one but slipped off the last hard move.
Came back a day later to finish it off.

Thanks a lot Max and Jenya for the support and for filming.

Frankenjura Bouldering

Small compilation of some boulders in the Frankenjura.

Including "Phaeton" 8B,
"Pink Punter" 8B,
"The Shelter" 8A+,
"Semper Fi" 8B.
I thought "Phaeton" felt very easy for the grade.

“Opposing Force” FA by Alex-Megos

Sorry for cutting the first move of the send. I started climbing too fast. This rather long boulder shares the same start with "Half Life", but finishes in a boulder called "Nightcrawler" (around 8B). With the added moves I thought its around 8B+/C, but hard to give it a boulder grade as it has got more than 20 moves. Thank you for the support Bas & Alise. And thanks for holding the second iPhone :-)

"Half Life" by Alex Megos

Half Life was first climbed by Felix Knaub a while back and it didn't get a repeat for a long time. After getting more into bouldering this spring I could do the second ascent of it a few months ago. Felix proposed 8C back then, and I think the way he climbed it was for sure hard 8C. After finding slightly different beta and by using a kneepad it for sure made it a bit easier. Might still be 8C though. Hard to say, as its a rather long boulder problem with about 25 moves.

“Upgrade U” FA by Alex Megos

Video of the first ascent of the boulder "Upgrade U" in the Frankenjura.
This project was found around 20 years ago and various climbers in the Frankenjura have attempted it.
I got the tip to try this from Mawi and once I found it, it took me around 10 days to do it, including a lot of beta changes up until the last day.
Doing it didn't feel too bad, after a tiny but very significant change in beta.
I still think though that 8C is an appropriate grade for it and I believe its the hardest boulder in the Frankenjura at the moment.
And yes, it is named after the Beyoncé song ;-)

Alexander Megos in the Glen

Alexander Megos takes his first trip to the Niagara Glen and establishes two of the area's harder projects .

(0:09) Karasu (V12)
(1:40) Phoenix From the Ashes (V12 FA)
(3:55) Bruce Lee (V12 FA)

Filmed by Cisco Juanes and Ethan Salvo

Edited by Ethan Salvo

Six to Let the Light Shine Tru - Dead Meadow

FA of "Louis Cut" 8B+

Just another day at the office for Alex Megos at Parisella's Cave. The young powerhouse finished his brief visit in North Wales repeating La Derniere Atrocite 8b and making the FA of Louis Cut 8b+, linking Louis Armstrong 8b into Trigger Cut 8a.

The overall count sums up to five 8b's and one 8b+ in less than two days.

Source: UKB

Västervik Bouldering

Short film about bouldering in Västervik, an area about 3 hours south of Stockholm, Sweden.

Västervik Bouldering Alexander Megos from Powerhouse on Vimeo.

"Shouldery classics"

Shouldery classics in the Grampians

Dead can’t dance, V11
Cave Club, V10
Krusty, V9

A. Megos "Ticino 2014"