“Traffic” (3rd Ascent)

With the heat making its way to Colorado, I am very happy to have snagged the 3rd ascent of, Griffin Whiteside's, "Traffic," V15/8C.

“REM” 2nd Ascent by Paul Robinson

REM, V14/8B+ Cresciano, Switzerland (Originally graded V16/8C+)


Karoshi-first ascent

Back in early 2018, my friend Keith Allen Peters and I headed over to the New Map of Hell boulder. We both quickly noticed that there was a line of holds that went directly out the steep overhang. We chalked them up and I quickly became obsessed with the line. Day after day, this was all I could think about!

Temperatures started to warm up and I knew I was going to have to wait until the next season to get on this project again.

Fast forward to December 2018... Katerina and I were on a plane from Denver to El Paso. I had one goal in my mind, climb the New Map project!

I spent a total of two weeks trying this thing more or less day on followed by a day off because of how sharp the boulder problem is. Thankfully by the end of the trip, I had the boulder problem pretty dialed in. It was just going to take that lucky try to get it done!

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Exploring+Projecting in Cederberg

The development in the past few weeks in the Cederberg has been insane! Katerina flew home for her graduation and my buddy Fernando flew in to check out the new stuff in the area. We have been hiking a ton and finding incredible new lines on a near daily basis




The Internal Battle To Send Jumpman - V14/8B+

I lost many battles with Jumpman over the past year but finally managed to win the war! I figured out a small fix to my beta that was the real game changer for me. Sometimes when you start to give up and think something is impossible, you have to take a step back and reevaluate.

What projects have been giving you trouble this winter? and why? I loved the journey this climb took me through and cannot wait for the next!

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"La Plancha"

Simple bouldering edit this week! A good tune and 3 climbs from the front range that I had a blast climbing over the past few weeks. enjoy! Somehow I deleted the first day of footage from trying La Plancha when it was a project so all I had was the send clip!


Daniel Woods and Matt Fultz send La Plancha V14 in Boulder, Colorado


Maltatal-Montage by Robinson

Maltatal-Montage by Robinson

PRobinson|DWood in Joe’s Valley

PRobinson|DWood in Joe’s Valley

Hide and Sick

Hide and Sick 8B+/V14 - Paul Robinson (4K)


On my final day in Maltatal, I was able to make the 2nd ascent of "Hide and Sick," a new 8B+/V14 from Jernej Kruder. The line proved to be quite powerful and crimpy. It was amazing to work this line and eventually climb it. I hope you enjoy the short!

The Third Wheel V13 FA

Paul Robinson on the first ascent of "The Third Wheel" in RMNP, Colorado.