"Livin' Large" by Shawn Raboutou

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During the summer of 2019, Shawn Raboutou makes the 3rd ascent of "Livin' Large" (V16/8C+). First sent by Nalle Hukatival more than 10 years ago this climb is located in Rocklands, South Africa. At 8 meters/26 feet tall this arete stands out as one of the hardest highballs in the world.

A good season (Rocklands 2019)

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Jimmy Webb making his way through some of Rocklands hardest testpieces including 4 8C's and multiple first ascents.

“Rocklands” #2 Max Bertone

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Deux blocs majeurs pour Max. "Weichei" (7C+) à Alpha Farm et "Fragile Steps" (8A+/B) à Fortress, sortis en une session chacun.

Rocklands by K.Sinnhuber

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"The Wee Baby Shamus" 8A
"Black Shadow" 8A+
"Splash of Red" 7C+
"Ubuntu" 8A+
"The Vice" 8B

Memories That You Call - ODESZA
Line Of Sight - ODESZA

ROCKLANDS UNCUT // Karo Sinnhuber from Karoline Sinnhuber on Vimeo.

Orange paradise part5

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Last days in orange paradise... some beautiful lines, may be a little bit easier for Oriane, so as to end the stay in a happy way. Fantastic holidays in ZA !!!

Orange paradise part4

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Second 8B/V13 for Oriane this year. Great trip with friends and great experience of climbing in new areas in Rocklands. Here Bio-affinity (8B/V13) and the super classic 'The Rhino" (flash).

Orange paradise part3

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Some funny and beautiful boulders discovered this year. Very interesting challenges for Oriane, who was sometimes short and tense on movements. A great pleasure to work on these lines !

Orange paradise part2

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Trois blocs sympa dont deux dans un secteur inconnu : Danger Zone.

Orange Paradise -part1

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Après deux jours d'acclimation les beaux projets commencent. Deux classiques du secteur Cedar Rouge, dans lequel je n'étais jamais allée, sont tombés. Une session pour Leopard Cave (8A+) et une pour Green Mamba (8A+ ...soft). Je ne m'y attendais pas, mais les conditions sont bonnes et, pour une fois, il fait frais ! Ca aide !

After two days of acclimation, beautiful projects begin ! Two classics of the Cedar Rouge sector, which I did not know, fell down. One session for Leopard Cave (8A +) and one for Green Mamba (8A + soft). I did not expect it, but the conditions are good and, for once, the weather is cool!

First time in Rocklands

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Spending three weeks in Rocklands, I did a couple of cool problems.

Have fun!
Problems mentioned:

Pinotage SD 7C
The art project 8A
Out of balance 8A
Leap of faith 8A
Ray of light 8B
Caroline 7C+
Strategic balance 8A
Pendragon 8A
Quintessential 8B
Oral Office 8A+ (no dyno beta)
Golden Virginia 8A
Flying guitar thief 8A

Kim Marschner in Rocklands