V15 rampage in Rocklands

Vadim Timonov has a great trip to Rocklands where he sends numerous hard climbs like Finnish Line (v15) and Petrichor (v15). Enjoy the video!

"Livin' Large" by Shawn Raboutou

During the summer of 2019, Shawn Raboutou makes the 3rd ascent of "Livin' Large" (V16/8C+). First sent by Nalle Hukatival more than 10 years ago this climb is located in Rocklands, South Africa. At 8 meters/26 feet tall this arete stands out as one of the hardest highballs in the world.

A good season (Rocklands 2019)

Jimmy Webb making his way through some of Rocklands hardest testpieces including 4 8C's and multiple first ascents.

“Rocklands” #2 Max Bertone

Deux blocs majeurs pour Max. "Weichei" (7C+) à Alpha Farm et "Fragile Steps" (8A+/B) à Fortress, sortis en une session chacun.

Rocklands by K.Sinnhuber

"The Wee Baby Shamus" 8A
"Black Shadow" 8A+
"Splash of Red" 7C+
"Ubuntu" 8A+
"The Vice" 8B

Memories That You Call - ODESZA
Line Of Sight - ODESZA

ROCKLANDS UNCUT // Karo Sinnhuber from Karoline Sinnhuber on Vimeo.

Orange paradise part5

Last days in orange paradise... some beautiful lines, may be a little bit easier for Oriane, so as to end the stay in a happy way. Fantastic holidays in ZA !!!

Orange paradise part4

Second 8B/V13 for Oriane this year. Great trip with friends and great experience of climbing in new areas in Rocklands. Here Bio-affinity (8B/V13) and the super classic 'The Rhino" (flash).

Orange paradise part3

Some funny and beautiful boulders discovered this year. Very interesting challenges for Oriane, who was sometimes short and tense on movements. A great pleasure to work on these lines !

Orange paradise part2

Trois blocs sympa dont deux dans un secteur inconnu : Danger Zone.

Orange Paradise -part1

Après deux jours d'acclimation les beaux projets commencent. Deux classiques du secteur Cedar Rouge, dans lequel je n'étais jamais allée, sont tombés. Une session pour Leopard Cave (8A+) et une pour Green Mamba (8A+ ...soft). Je ne m'y attendais pas, mais les conditions sont bonnes et, pour une fois, il fait frais ! Ca aide !

After two days of acclimation, beautiful projects begin ! Two classics of the Cedar Rouge sector, which I did not know, fell down. One session for Leopard Cave (8A +) and one for Green Mamba (8A + soft). I did not expect it, but the conditions are good and, for once, the weather is cool!