„Catalan Witness The Fitness“

My one day ascent of the classic "Catalan Witness The Fitness" at Cova de l'Ocell (Sant Martí de Centelles, Barcelona), FA Chris Sharma. December 2022.

Catalán Witness the fitness

Check the link in my profile for my new YouTube channel and the video of the first ascent of "Catalan Witness the Fitness" (a new Boulder I did last month in Cova de Ocell. It was so cool to dive back in to bouldering after so many years mostly just sport climbing. Enjoy this episode and stay tuned as we share more videos soon!

Martin Stranik in "Catalán Witness the fitness"

Beto Rocasolano in "Catalán Witness the fitness"

Nacho Sánchez in Nacho "Catalán Witness the Fitness"

Catalan Witness the Fitness 8B+ Dave MacLeod


Beto Rocasolano haciendo 8B, 8B+ y 8C en La Peixcave

Gran Canaria Mogan 2016

Mogan - Gran Canaria 2016
Um dem Winter in Deutschland zu entfliehen, ging es Ende Dezember für 6 Wochen nach Gran Canaria, um die Bouldermöglichkeiten der Insel zu erkunden. Im Moment gibt es nur wenige Infos über die Gebiete und so war es für uns eine Fahrt ins Blaue. Quasi. Denn kaum gelandet, begrüßte uns die kanarische Sonne und wir bezogen unsere Wohnung in einem ruhigen Tal mit Blick auf den großen Atlantik.
Und jetzt los zum Bouldern.

To escape the winter in Germany, we flew in late December for 6 weeks to Gran Canaria, to explore the possibilities of bouldering on the island. At the moment there are just a few information about the areas.
Landed on the iland the sun greeted us for the next 6 weeks and we moved into our home, in a quiet valley with views of the great Atlantic Ocean.
And now go bouldering.

Gran Canaria Mogan 2016 from Vertical-Axis on Vimeo.

Bulder en madrid

bulder en madrid
la jara voladora 7c fa
la huevera 7c
dino bravo 7c+
caligula 7c+
mondo 8b
monstruo de las regletas 8b
respeto 8a+ fa