„Alphane“ by Will Bosi

Alphane 9A/V17, Forgotten Gem 8C/V15 and Vecchio flash 8B/V13

Sam Pratt film

Romy-Till Sending Mode

This video shows Romy Fuchs and Till Rothe on one of the most successful climbing trips they had so far. Till was able to send his first 8B boulders and Romy also made quick work on some hard blocs in Brione and Val Bavona including a super strong ascent of Versace 8B.

01:44 Versace 8B (Till)
03:21 Frogger 8A (Romy)
04:34 Marilyn Monroe 8A (Romy)
06:37 Amber 8B (Till)
07:26 Kings of Sonlerto 8A+ (Romy)
08:57 Versace 8B (Romy)

Trying 'Fight Club' 8B+

Some tries in 'Fight Club' 8B+, Val Bavona (TI), Switzerland.

Bouldering in Val Bavona

Bouldering in Val Bavona (TI), Switzerland. Grades from 7C+ to 8B+.
0:00 Heritage 8B
2:25 Momentum 8B+
4:15 Zingaro 8B (we're not a 100% sure if it's the correct boulder we did. Zingaro might start more to the left as it's been pointed out in the comments)
5:58 Milight 8A
6:53 Trigonometry 7C+

Summer SENDS

Shawn, Daniel and Giul went on a summer trip though Ceuse and the Swiss Alps.

Flower Power 8A+ First Ascent Sophiesticated 7C+ First Ascent Fuck The System 8C+ First Ascent Dulcifer 8A+ Le Rêve de Faire 8A+ Big Snapper 8B+ First Ascent Hazel Grace 8B+ Stairway to Heaven 8B Child Of Hell 8C First Ascent

“The Dagger” (Flash) by Will Bosi

Send footage of my flash on the classic Dagger!
Film by Solly Kemball

Hard projects in Switzerland

Follow Aidan Roberts and I as we project some of the hardest boulders in Switzerland. Also featured is Will Bosi after his 3rd ascent on Alphane (9a/v17) and his flash of Vecchio Leone (8b/v13).

B.Raboutou in Switzerland

Brooke made a sweet edit showcasing her fight with some true test pieces in Ticino this winter.

Ticino best 8B/+ | Topishko

List of boulders :
00:14- Boogalagga
01:04 - Vecchio Leone
01:41 - La Proue
02:06 - Great Escape
02:33 - Kubalik
03:00 - Conquistadors direct
03:48 - Tomba

48 Hrs With Dave Graham

Dave Graham has spent his life discovering, projecting and climbing some of the hardest boulders and routes in the world. With the release of Five Ten's new Niad shoe we travel to Val Bavona in Switzerland to spend 48 hours with this legend.