The Swell

Jimmy Webb & Taylor McNeill developing a couple rad new lines in the San Rafael Swell, UT.

“Tierrany” V14 First Ascent-J.Webb

Jimmy Webb establishing one of Yosemites hardest boulders.

A Mellow Ticino: (2/4)

Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods rage on some of Bavona's hardest boulder problems.

Climbs include "4-Low" (8C/v15), "Primitivo" (8C/v15), "Roadkill" (8C/v15),
"Off the Wagon Low (8C+/v16), and "Poison the Well" (8C+/v16).
Film and edit by Kevin Takashi Smith

A Mellow Switzerland (1/4)

Back in winter Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb, Giuliano Cameroni, Keenan Takahashi and Roman Yalowitz spent the whole season in Ticino, trying to develop Val Bavona; one of the coolest climbing spots worldwide. Kevin Takashi Smith was there capturing the best moments so here we go with part 1/4!
Grandissimo 7C+ FA
No Picnics 7C+ FA
Il Pagliaccio 8A FA
La Peregrina 8A+ (FA by Jonas Winter)
Squalo Bianco 8B+ FA
Space Cadet 8B FA

A good season (Rocklands 2019)

Jimmy Webb making his way through some of Rocklands hardest testpieces including 4 8C's and multiple first ascents.

“Off the Wagon” sit by Jimmy Webb

Jimmy’s 2020 trip to Ticino starts off with the second ascent of one of Switzerland’s hardest boulders.

J.Webb - Go Font Yourself

Jimmy Webb's 2019 trip to Fontainebleau gets stormed out and he heads to Ticino. 2020: Jimmy is back in Europe with the crew (Giuliano Cameroni, Keenan Takahashi and Daniel Woods) ready to test himself on the hardest blocs and discover some of the best and untouched boulders in the world. Stay tuned... Climbs, in order:

Belial (8B+) Kubalik (8B) Casavino (8B+) Video by Kevin Takashi Smith

"Lucid Dreaming" by Jimmy Webb

Source: MELLOW

Jimmy goes to work on his anti-style in Bishop, CA. Film and edit: Kevin Takashi Smith

About history:

Source: Bishop Bouldering Blog

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paul Robinson suggests v16 for Rastaman Vibration Sit, naming it Lucid Dreaming

Paul Robinson has climbed the Buttermilks long-standing project the Rastaman Vibration Sit Start this morning. While working this problem just left of Evilution, on the Grandpa Peabody Boulder, Paul described it as much harder than anything he had done before. This extreme problem with a crux move to gain and dyno from a small left-hand pinch at standing height, was disregarded as near-impossible by many top climbers--with only a handful ever sticking the dyno. The line, in full is thought to be at least v15 and Paul has suggested v16. Not only is the start extremely physical, but the topout up the slab left of Evilution adds a good deal of highballing spice to top it off! Certainly one of the most amazing ascents at the Buttermilks ever, and one of the world's hardest problems. He has named the line Lucid Dreaming.

Daniel Woods Makes 2nd Ascent of "Lucid Dreaming"

Alex Megos Climbs "Lucid Dreaming" (8C/V15) In Bishop

Toru Nakajima repeats Lucid Dreaming, V15 | 8C


Japanese crusher Toru Nakajima has done the fourth ascent of Paul Robinson’s Lucid Dreaming, a hard V15 located in Bishop, California.


“Sleepwalker” by Drew Ruana

Drew making an ascent of one of America's new testpieces in Red Rocks, NV.

“Sleepwalker” by Daniel Woods

Back in Jan. Daniel made the 2nd asc. of "Sleepwalker" established by Jimmy Webb. Climb is located in Red Rocks, NV on the infamous wet dream boulder. The climb is ranked as one of the hardest lines in the world.

“Sleepwalker” First Ascent by Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods, and Keenan Takahashi battle against one of the hardest undone projects in the United States. On December 15, 2018, after 11 days of effort, Jimmy Webb completed the first ascent of "Sleepwalker", suggesting a grade of 8C+(V16).

Primitivo 8C/V15 First Ascent

Primitivo is one of the best new problems in the world situated in Val Bavona, in Ticino, CH. FA circa April 2019.


Isabelle Faus
Daniel Woods
Giuliano Cameroni
Jimmy Webb

Filmed by the crew//edit by Giuliano