Summer SENDS

Shawn, Daniel and Giul went on a summer trip though Ceuse and the Swiss Alps.

Flower Power 8A+ First Ascent Sophiesticated 7C+ First Ascent Fuck The System 8C+ First Ascent Dulcifer 8A+ Le Rêve de Faire 8A+ Big Snapper 8B+ First Ascent Hazel Grace 8B+ Stairway to Heaven 8B Child Of Hell 8C First Ascent

“Multiverse” by D. Woods

Daniel Woods makes the 4th ascent of Jimmy Webb's classic boulder problem located in Wyoming.
World's best shit right here.

“Megatron” V17 by Shawn Raboutou

A long-standing project in Colorado finally gets done, becoming one of the hardest boulder problems in the world.

Featuring: Shawn Raboutou, Daniel Woods, Drew Ruana, Chad Greedy, & Jimmy Webb
Presented by: The North Face
Film by Matty Hong

“Radja” by Daniel Woods

(Radja – Branson (Fully), Schweiz – 1. März 1996 – FRED NICOLE, erste Begehung eines Boulders mit Grad 8B+ (V14) überhaupt.)

(Radja - Branson (Fully), Switzerland - March 1, 1996 - FRED NICOLE, first ascent of a boulder with grade 8B+ (V14) ever.)

The North Face presents: “ALPHANE”

The North Face team returns to Switzerland with the goal to establish cutting edge first ascents. Shawn’s ascent of Alphane is the first proposed 9a in Switzerland and only the fourth worldwide. The film features Matty Hong, Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods, Felipe Carmago, Giuliano Cameroni, and Shawn Raboutou. Film by Ben Neilson. Supported by The North Face.

0:00 Intro
1:23 Alphane V17 (Part 1)
5:24 Trip to the moon V14
11:25 Mystic River V15
14:10 Squalo Bianco V14
17:58 River Arête Project
23:07 Fight Club V14
31:24 Dreamtime V15
35:15 Alphane V17 (Part 2)
45:00 Credits

“Return of the Sleepwalker” (FA) Video

Daniel Woods goes straight into battle mode with one of his hardest projects to date. Jimmy Webb established "Sleepwalker" (the stand start) back in January of 2019. The possibility of a sit-start arose in 2021. This sit-start would add in a 7 move 8B/v13 into "Sleepwalker" (8C+/v16). Grades can be fickle, but ROTSW stands as one of the hardest boulder problems in the world. Bobby Sorich did an awesome job capturing Daniel's process, emotion, and overall journey to climb ROTSW.

Hope you enjoy the film and are inspired to go out and mind fuck yourself a bit. Climbing is an awesome outlet to see how far you can go within, learn about yourself, and pull some freak shit out of you. All to accomplish a feat of strength that will give you 30 seconds of bliss, but a huge confidence boost within that's carried throughout your life. It's all a game out there... have fun playing the game. DW

"Pegasus" (8C/v15) by Woods

Daniel made a pit stop in Joe's Valley on his way back from Vegas and dispatched "Pegasus" in a few tries (did try the line for a day in Nov. of last year). This power endurance crimp line was put up by Drew Ruana and is a low start to Anthony Chertudi's Pagan Poetry (v12/8A+). The sit probably adds a 4 move 13 into the stand. The crux of this is in the 2nd move. The hold you have to lock off and move off of is complete shit.

“Return of the Sleepwalker” (FA)

Video coming to @mellowclimbing soon!

Source: dawoods89

”Blade Runner” by Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods battles against Giuliano Cameroni's upper chaos crimp masterpiece, "Blade Runner."
A 7C+/v10 intro directly leads into a savage 3 move 8B/13.
The crux of the 8B/v13 involves taking a miserable left hand 3 finger button grip and doing a near iron cross to a right hand half pad edge.
Connecting this move from the start turned into a mental nightmare. Legend crimp bloc.

A Mellow Ticino: (2/4)

Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods rage on some of Bavona's hardest boulder problems.

Climbs include "4-Low" (8C/v15), "Primitivo" (8C/v15), "Roadkill" (8C/v15),
"Off the Wagon Low (8C+/v16), and "Poison the Well" (8C+/v16).
Film and edit by Kevin Takashi Smith